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Wild boar in the Game Preserve

High quality wild stock, intact natural environment,
Would you like to hunt wild boar in the Carpathians in Transylvania, in the Game Preserve of Mereni?

Hunting methods

I. Individual huntings

1. Stalk:

It is one of the most beautiful hunting methods. The hunter - alone or with a partner of his and an accompanying hunter - tries to get close to the game wished to bring down while he can admire several other game too. Stalk is made up of a series of short “stops”, that is the hunter – on continuous standby – monitors the supposed place of the game.

Ambush: (It may be either a high-stand or a natural ambush, e.g: a shrub).

It is principally a big-game hunting method. Its substance lies in waiting for the game at its previously monitored, usual natural habitat. It is one of the most comfortable hunting methods. Sitting motionless in the ambush the game can be caught sight of easier than while stalking.

II. Grouped huntings

Big game: Drive and/or chase (big game chase with 6 participants, drive with at least 7 participants)

1. Drive:

This type of hunting is performed in small strength and within a small area. Dogs are not employed. Accompanying hunters drive the game by getting behind them. Game can be brought down when breaking out of the probable (break out) points.

2. Chase:

This type of hunting takes place in a much bigger area with the participation of several hunters. The hunters are placed at the shooting stand; while beaters shake up the forest with their dogs and chase the game toward the hunters.