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Wild boar in the Game Preserve

High quality wild stock, intact natural environment,
Would you like to hunt wild boar in the Carpathians in Transylvania, in the Game Preserve of Mereni?

Game Preserve

Kézdialmási VadaskertMereni Game Preserve is situated in the uniquely beautiful Carpathians, the region representing probably the greatest natural value of Transylvania. In your country You will surely not find anything simlilar to this. Therefore you must come and visit Mereni. The rich hydrography, the variegated relief as well as the abundance of the tree species create such harmony that is unexampled throughout the world. The view from the hill- and mountainsides onto the plateaus provide uncommon experience even for those frequently visiting high mountains.

Kézdialmási VadaskertWith the spread of civilization, there are more and more closed game preserves throughout Europe. They are usually set up in the natural habitat of the game desired to keep in a way that the animals can live in the most natural way possible. It provides excellent possibility for the observation and increased protection of the game stock. Eastern Europe has joined the European Union not only in an economic sense, but protection of its natural values and its activation have also become important in the recent years. Mereni Game Preserve operates in this spirit mixing this way the principles and progressive ambitions of modern ages with the preservation of our secular, what is more, millennial natural values.

Kézdialmási VadaskertAs generally several species can live in harmony if they are kept within the framework of conscious game farming, we have paid special attention to develop the fauna within our preserve. Several species of small predators (foxes, lynxes, wild cats), birds, big herbivore (roe deer, mouflons) and omnivorous game (wild boar) can be found in our game preserve. Closed game preserves are also good supplements to the areas of the huge hunting companies. Their healthy proportion and operation in accordance with the strict rules avail the game species kept in them – both on the level of the species and on that of the individuals. We do pay attention to the strictest observation of adequate animal keeping and attendance methods because this way the game preserve can potentially operate as a nature reserve where the interests of the game species come first. We are indeed proud of that our game stock can obtain part of their food in a natural way, and sufficient territory is guaranteed for the satisfaction of their motion demands, so they can live their lives possessing perfect musculature and showing strong appearance.