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Mereni Game Preserve   |   Hunting rules

Wild boar in the Game Preserve

High quality wild stock, intact natural environment,
Would you like to hunt wild boar in the Carpathians in Transylvania, in the Game Preserve of Mereni?

Geographical situation

Mereni Game Preserve lies in Eastern Transylvania, at the heart of Romania, that is the lower region of the southeastern Carpathians. The neighbouring cities such as Târgu Secuiesc is of 22 km, Sfântu Gheorghe is of 58 km while Braşov lies some 80 km from Mereni.

The game preserve is accessible:

  • on public roads through either Braşov or Târgu Secuiesc.
  • by plane from Bucharest or Sibiu. On public road the former town is approx. 260 km (~ 3 hours 30 minutes) away, while the latter one will require a journey approx. 215 km (~3 hour).
  • Reception of helicopters is also possible in the inmediate neighbourhood of the preserve.

We are happily at your disposal regarding renting cars or other type of vehicles too.

GPS coordinates of the preserve entrance are as follows:

Northern latitude: 46° 28’ 1,99”
Eastern longitude: 25° 27’ 28,63”