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Wild boar in the Game Preserve

High quality wild stock, intact natural environment,
Would you like to hunt wild boar in the Carpathians in Transylvania, in the Game Preserve of Mereni?

Geography and hydrography

Kézdalmási VadaskertSignificant natural water red adds to the excellent conditions due to the tree species of the preserve area. Five brooks can be found in the area of the game preserve; two of them springing from the preserve itself. Clean spring-water provides natural drinking water for the animal stock, while its continuous new supplies as well as the nature of the brooks make the arbitrary formation of wallows enjoyed by wild boar possible. The forests and brooks colour the landscape through diversified relief conditions. The gently sloping hills, the narrow valleys along with the beautiful view are all present in Mereni Game Preserve lying on the border of the Transylvanian Basin and the Carpathians.