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Wild boar in the Game Preserve

High quality wild stock, intact natural environment,
Would you like to hunt wild boar in the Carpathians in Transylvania, in the Game Preserve of Mereni?

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Game stock

The colourful game stock is the most important characteristic of Mereni Game Preserve. Through the peculiarities offered by the undulating scenery frequently interrupted by gentle slopes and groves and cut up by 5 brooks, there is room for animals with different eating habits (wild boar, roe deer, mouflons, foxes, moor fowls, etc.), including the smallest game as well as simple rodents. The varied distribution of sizes and species makes the formation of smaller food chains possible, too. To a certain extent predators less perilous to the main stock may also be present in the stock of the preserve. Naturally, the big game, principally wild boar, and – among herbivores – roe deer and mouflons are the determinant species. The diverse territory demands, and the differences found in the daily food attainment provide complete harmony within the preserve. Whereas wild boar principally prefer woody and bushy areas, roe deer and mouflons will much rather opt for meadows.

Regarding daily food attainment, the least conflicts happen among fowl, therefore bird species typical of the region are not rare in the preserve either.